Hi, we’re John and Ryan 👋 Brothers and Co-founders of Cove Soda

Growing up, soda was a rare treat, enjoyed only on the most special of occasions. Tucked away in our most cherished memories of birthday parties, pizza nights, or an A on a test, soda was there.

While we outgrew our soda fixation, deeming it forever unhealthy; the nostalgic craving lived on. Our guts were telling us not to walk away from those classic flavours we knew and loved. We asked ourselves, why can’t soda be healthy?

So, we took a sip down memory lane to create a soda that isn’t meant for special occasions, rather, for everyone and everyday enjoyment. Enter Cove Soda, the first-ever, zero sugar functional soda made with 1 billion probiotics, and real organic ingredients.

We’re making way for a new generation of soda drinkers.