What Does it Mean to be Carbon Neutral?

No, really

Let’s start off with a fun fact, except there isn’t any fun in this fact (sorry). Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, humans have released more than 2 trillion metric tonnes of greenhouse gasses into the earth’s atmosphere. Mind = blown 🤯 Alright, now let’s talk about what we can do to remedy Mother Earth a bit because she is very clearly hurting.

We’ve heard it over and over. Companies and brands claim to be “carbon neutral”, but does it really mean anything to the average consumer who cares if we don’t understand what it means?

Well, let’s try and break it down!

What Does Carbon Neutral Mean?

Simply, carbon neutral means that any CO2 released into the atmosphere from a company’s activities is balanced by an equivalent amount being removed. To achieve carbon neutrality, you must be in a state of net-zero carbon dioxide emissions. To be carbon negative, you must remove more carbon than you emit.

But how do you even remove carbon?!

How do you offset Carbon?

There are a few methods to offset your carbon emission, such as nature-based removal and carbon removal technologies. There are also many different carbon offset projects that businesses can take part in provided by Carbon Footprint. Another way a company can offset their carbon emissions is by buying offsets. According to Vox, “buying offsets could take the form of buying credits from a broker, who in turn channels money to people restoring a degraded coastal mangrove forest in Indonesia,” for example.

Now let’s talk about our mission.

How is Cove Carbon Neutral?

From production all the way to disposal, we offset 100% of the carbon emissions used to produce our cans. In partnership with the Carbonfund.org Foundation, every booch you crack is 100% net-carbon neutral through renewable energy projects, and investment in energy efficiency to reduce carbon emission. We account for all of our emissions across our entire supply chain. This doesn’t mean we don’t emit any carbon at all, it just means we remove as much as we make.

Our first milestone is offsetting 10,000,000 cans – Help us get there!

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